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3rd June 2021 at 1:44 PM
ReMasterMedia Upload Link Instructions
1) Take a link using the browser
Move mouse to a download link and click right button to open context menu. 
If there is no such item in context menu of the browser it indicates that the element on page does not provide a link at all even if it has text or button with "download" label.

2) Ensure the link is direct link to file
The link has to be a direct link to file, not a link to a page where you can download that file. Rule of thumb is if you paste your link to a new browser window address bar and the only thing displayed is the file content or your browser will either start file download immediately or diplay default browser player. If a page where you can download a file is displayed then you don't have a direct link to a file and your link will not work.

Other good indicator of direct link to file is when the link contains a "filename" at the end (examples below have filename in bold) - note that special characters may be encoded:

3) Use link on ReMasterMedia

  • The links must be http:// or https:// only We do not support anything else.
  • Some services allow to generate download links. In that case it still must be a direct link to file so it is good to check it the same way as if taken from browser
  • If links are generated (previous bullet) be aware of their expiration as they may not be permanent

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