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25th November 2020 at 10:38 PM
Frequent asked questions (FAQs)


Q: Can I share a preview of the audio file to my client BEFORE downloading it, to avoid using up the credits unnecessarily?

A: You can share the preview page of of the selected profiles before finishing the purchasing process. There is a share button which opens up a window that allows you to enter in multiple email addresses and also include a note. You can also share the download page as well for the final version so you don't have to download it and then use another file transfer service to deliver the final file.

Q: For all those "services not part of this deal", would those services be provided at a discount?

A: The services available outside of the Appsumo deal are definitely available at a discount. We are unable to disclose what type of discount until we discuss what services are needed. We really don't have a per hour rate card because every job that comes in is different.

Q: Does your software offering offer the option of removal/truncation of silences in the recording amongst the profiles?

A: We do have noise reduction profiles that help with this process. In the future, we will be adding a noise reduction controls as well as other functionality to ReMasterMedia, so the more pro user could have control over the preset functionality to remove dead air/silence. However, we are not focused on creating an online audio editor at this moment.

Q: Can you combine the different presets? For example with podcasts or youtube videos? Or are we supposed to just choose one preset?

A: You can only optimize your audio/video with one preset, however you can choose more than one during the preview phase to audition the sound.

Q: You mentioned in a previous answer 'Audio Cleaning (Use Before final mastering process)'. What does 'use before final mastering process' mean?

A:  If your audio has background noise, we recommend selecting the noise reduction profiles, picking which one works, downloading it and then re uploading that new file to final master it.

Q: If we buy X number of codes, but we end up going over our allotted credits in a specific month, do we get a discounted deal to buy more credits? If so what is it?

A: Here are some options we offer:

Package rates (discounted per credit/minutes cost that do not expire on a monthly basis)

Pay as you go which is $0.50 per credit/minutes - do not expire

Offer an exclusive discounted subscription for AppSumo customers based on how many more minutes you need per month.

Happy to work out a deal.... just email

Link to package pricing/pay as you go:

Q: What would be the best way to use Remaster Media if we have a Video, that we also want to use as audio. For example if we do Video and audio podcast? How would you look at the best way to optimize both?

A: If you want to optimize the audio and video the same way then choose the desired profile, download it and then export the audio from the video using a video application. If you want your podcast to have a different profile, then I would upload the video twice and then you can choose one profile for the video and another for the audio.

Q: How does Remaster Media compare to bouncecast?

A: ReMasterMedia is not a recorder or editor for audio/video. We only focus on mastering audio because there are millions of people using different systems and mobile apps to create content. For example, the mobile app, RapChat uses our technology in their mobile app to master all of their users content. We focus on the technology and licensing the technology rather than creating a DAW.

Q: Do the credits/minutes expire every month?

A: Yes.  We do not have carry overs for subscribers.  You can purchase credit packages on and those credits/minutes do not expire.

Q: What is the output format after mastering an audio file?

A: The file format is the same size and format as the original that was uploaded.

Q: Can we upload MP3 songs with tags, and get back the MP3 files with the exact same tags?

A: Currently the tags do not transfer from the original version to the new file version. We are working on a solution.

Q: What happens when I see this error - "Media container has multiple audio streams" ?

A: Some video files have hidden multiple audio files imbedded in them. Our system can only read 1 audio file. When it sees multiple audio files, it throws this error code. 

We recommend the following: upload the video with just one mixed audio file or use video software to reconvert the video file again which will merge all of the audio files into one file. You can use iMovie when this occurs or another pro video editor.  If you don't have the ability to fix the video file, send it to us ( and we will analyze and reconvert it for you.

Q: How do you guys compare to other, similar tools on the market like e.g. Bouncecast?

A: Great question.

(a) we are not an audio/video editor

(b) our profiles are designed specifically to make content broadcast ready and resilient to internet compression.

(c) our mastering technology has 82 worldwide patents that was original created by audio engineer Tony Bongiovi

(d) The technology is tried and true.... been around for many years. This technology is used in hardware, headphones, airplanes, cars, flat screen TVs all over the world. ReMasterMedia decided to aquire this technology and make an online mastering platform

So basically, our focus is making your audio, no matter what kind of audio it is, broadcast ready for any distribution platform. This is what Mastering really is. Quite honestly, these other audio/video platforms like Bouncecast should integrate with our superior tech. We do have an API and SDK available.

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